Dipharma group is proud to inform that GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) has recognised its Cogeneration plant, installed in 2018 in the Dipharma Francis site in Caronno Pertusella, near Milan (Italy), as a high-performance cogeneration unit, able to achieve energy savings and to make a positive impact on the environment and sustainable development.

GSE is a Company owned by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, which is responsible for the management, evaluation and certification of energy savings generated thanks to energy efficiency projects in Italy.

Dipharma has received 468 White Certificates, also known as ‘Energy Efficiency Certificates’. These titles are tradable assets and prove Dipharma’s commitment to sustainability and accomplishment of the end-use energy savings.

Cogeneration combines, in a single process, the production of electricity and heat for industrial uses.

Thanks to this unit, our Caronno site has improved its annual energy and environmental performance, reducing energy costs by approximately 25%, increasing its energy efficiency by 20% and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 1.000 tons.

In one year, the cogeneration unit has covered an average of 80%, with peaks of 90%, of the electricity needs of our production plant, in addition to 30% of the site’s thermal energy necessary to produce steam, and the total amount of warm water used to supply the boilers.

This is only one of the most recent actions taken by Dipharma towards sustainability. More are coming soon!

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Paola Clerici
Communication Manager