The story of Dipharma is closely linked to the story of its founder, the chemist and researcher, Mario Biazzi (1897-1974) who, in the mid 1930’s, made significant improvements to the continuous production process of nitroglycerin, making it much more efficient and safer.
His innovation was immediately hailed as a huge success and plants designed on his process were installed in several companies around the world.

While he was perfecting his design, he felt that gaining experience in production could bring significant added-value to his engineering activities, and that is how he decided to start a production company called “Dinamite S.p.A.” with some associates in the North-Eastern part of Italy. Through the experience gained in production, he was able to further improve his technology and bring additional safety to the factory workers. For example, in 1957, he designed the world’s first remote-controlled continuous production plant for nitroglycerin.